One Dress Worn 3 Ways LP Share How I Wear It

One Dress 3 Ways

It’s sweet victory when we find those perfect-fitting jeans!

Not to mention that big splurge after stalking an item for months online!  Oh yeah!  The only thing better is finally rockin’ those items. Okay, who are we kidding?

We’ve all been there, buying something, only to have it end up lost on a hanger in our closet, on a shelf, or…get ready…still in the shopping bag!

There’s many reasons why this happens.  Maybe we didn’t quite know how to style it or mix it into our current wardrobe.  Whatever the reason there’s no need to be ashamed, I know first hand how it goes down, so I created this blog, How I Wear It, to help us all out!

What is How I Wear It?

How I Wear It is a unique, visual, go-to resource with contributors from around the world showcasing how they wear just about anything, to inspire you to wear what’s already in your closet.

The solution may simply be putting a couple of items together, adding an accessory, or making a small addition to your wardrobe.  The best part is that sticking to the “rules” is not always necessary to make it work!

Get Started!

Inspiration…find some…  

Sometimes inspiration is just an image away!  To get started, click the menu links above or browse the HIWI Galleries using the Site Directory!

Check out the Contributor Corner section often, where some of our HIWI contributors are featured!  Here you can learn more about their style, helpful tips and what they do.

…bring some. 

Hey Fashionistas, how do you wear it?  Share your tip, trick, solution or suggestion for how to wear something simply by submitting your photo to share!  If you’re wearing it, it can inspire someone else!

Enjoy practical tips, fresh ideas, and a variety of options to help you make good on your shopping investment.  I invite you to browse, contribute and subscribe to get the most out of “How I Wear It!

Each person is capable of creating value for another…LP Share

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

LP Share's infinity scarfI think we are all a bit tired of the cold weather by now.  Until Spring breaks through, we still have to dress for it right?  Well, one way I love to keep the heat in is to wear a scarf.  Not a skinny scarf, something more substantial, like a huge infinity scarf.  Don’t have one?  Well, I can show you how to easily create one with scarves you may already have in your closet… peep this