How I Wear It Tips & Tricks

I love to come up with new ways of styling things.  It could be as simple as a belt, scarf or even tights.  We don't always have to give all the attention to clothing, the secret could be in the smaller details!

Here are just a few of my tips & tricks on how to maximize your closet!  As always, you can get more visual tips just by viewing the "HIWI Style Galleries" showcasing contributors and yours truly!

Drop me a note if you have a wardrobe dilemma or would like suggestions!

How I Wear It is on YouTube!

Everything’s The Same Color? Absolutely!

Textured Tights Look Book!

Strategies To Get More From Your Closet!

If They’re Going To Show…Style Them!

Belts, An Easy Wardrobe Accessory!

11 Ways to Wear 1 Scarf!

Style One or Make One!

Get A Perfect Fit Everytime!

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