Nine Ways To Wear And Accessorize Belts ~ Tips & Tricks

How To Wear Womens Belts How I Wear ItDo you have belts you don’t wear just hanging out in your closet?

If so, I’m going to give you nine tips and tricks on how to wear women’s belts.

But first, my own closet confession.  This monster ball of belts was located in my closet. How I Wear It LP Share Womens Belts Okay not exactly as you see it but they were hanging on a hook organizer that eventually became useless since most of them were hidden underneath the other belts. Obviously, I forgot about most of them.  Out of sight…out of mind.  That’s how it is, sometimes you buy ’em and fuggetaboutem!

So, in staying true to my mantra of wearing what’s already in my closet, I dumped my belts, if nothing other than to just say hi to them.  No really, I needed to revisit my collection to see what I actually had.  This gave me a visual so I could have the idea in my head for the next opportunity to wear one.

Later that evening, I found my chance and wore one for date night 🙂  (Ah hem, before make up tho, lol)  I tell you I would not have worn that belt if I hadn’t of dumped them earlier.  Intention is powerful! LP Share Dress With Elastic Belt How I Wear It

Here are nine tips & tricks for wearing women’s belts!

Belts can be used for more than just belt loops you know.  You can wear them as an accessory, accentuate your curves or create the illustion of curves. The next time you get dressed, think about trying one of these tips and adding a belt in a way you’ve never worn before.

  1. Mix formal with casual by adding a belt over a jacket or dress
  2. Add a belt over a long cardigan for a sophisticated casual look
  3. Wear a belt over the smallest part of your body, waist or just below the bustline
  4. Try belting an oversized shirt, sweater or dress, allowing the fabric to buckle (trick for hiding love handles)
  5. Revive under utilized belts by shortening them to fit just your waist
  6. Wear longer belts around your hips
  7. Use a scarf as a belt
  8. Secure hanging part of belt with a bobby pin
  9. Review your belt collection regularly to avoid missed opportunities
  10. *Bonus tip – For thinner all fabric belts, try using them as headbands 😉

Try changing up a dress or popular styles to make it your own.  I say if it pops into your head, just try it.  Style has no boundaries! Below are more visual ways to wear women’s belts!  Check out the HIWI Belt Gallery!  Cheers 🙂

What are some of your favorite ways to wear belts?  Am I the only one to forget my belts?


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