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Many people are realizing their vision of becoming an entrepreneur.

As a small business owner, there’s a lot that goes into being your own boss.  You need things for your business to thrive, even survive.

Catina Carney, knowing this first hand, decided to use her passion and experience to create a business for herself and a sustainable resource for other business owners.  Read on for her inspiring story!

“My dream of being a business owner became a reality but not without some roadblocks and hurdles to jump!!

I remember working hard as a server at Nordstrom while going through a divorce! I had already raised two daughters as a single mother and I missed part of their lives growing up because I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs at a time.  I was not about to do this to my son who was then 6 years old.

I prayed about starting a business and because I had many skills God showed me my gift of being a servant. He told me that no matter where you are your gift won’t change!  Not to brag but at Nordstrom, I had the most returning customers.  I’ve been gone from Nordstrom over a year now, and my old co-workers say customers still come in and ask for me.

Even though I had the gift of a servant, it was hard to start a concierge business.  The struggle was real to find reputable businesses with reasonable prices to market for my business such as sending flowers to prospective clients, print advertising and many other vital services that our businesses needed.  I believe God put me through struggles to help others along the way.

After 2 years of being a business owner and networking with other business owners, I have come across some truly amazing people that need help too.  So I thought to myself what if we could help each other with the things we need for our businesses to grow!  So I started doing the research and found the word bartering!

Bartering allows us to get almost all of the critical things a business needs and gain new clients in the process. The bartering world has truly changed my life.  I’m not only able to get things for my company but also for my personal life such as a vacation for my son and I.”

Learn more about Catina’s business by visiting All About You Concierge website and Facebook page!

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