Love At First Bite Cupcakes And Sweet Treats ~ Tangy Leonard

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Sharp fedora!

Do you have a sweet tooth for treats like cupcakes, cakes and cake pops?

Well I happen to know a special someone who can take those baked goodies to a whole new level for you.

Meet Tangy Leonard, owner of Love At First Bite Cupcakes & Sweet Treats, serving the Cleveland, OH area.

I asked Tangy what her specialty is and here’s her response:

“Well one of my specialties is the “Tipsy Treats” but also the fact that I have a variety of flavors and I’m not shy about using them.

I will just about mix up anything and give it a try. Especially when making cake pops or cakes in a jar. I may not be “Cake Boss” but my product tastes Boss!”

I can believe that! <3  You see, I had a chance to try her Cheesecake Cake!  I had never heard of it or had it a day in my life, and I am sold that whatever she touches is gold!

Now if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, you have no excuse to not try out her treats, and if you ask her to add a ‘lil libations just know she’s got you!

Head on over to her Facebook or Instagram to actually see the amazing work that she does, including satisfied customer reviews!

Until then, check out her style contributions to How I Wear It!




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