SweetGirl Gal Hair & Skin Care Products ~ Novella E. Lyles-Lundy


Striking fedora!

Meet Novella E. Lyles-Lundy!

Not only is she a contributor to How I Wear It, she definitely has some other interesting things going on.

Novella has created her own line of hair and skin care products called SweetGirl Gal, affectionately named after her belated, beloved mother.

Novella will whip up custom made products for you based upon your particular needs.  Wait, there’s more!

She and her husband also own and operate a catering business, serving the New York, NY area.  So not only can you treat your hair and skin with her products, you can also treat your belly to their cuisine.

Word of mouth keeps it all flowing for them, so to reach out to Novella, you can contact her through her Facebook page!

Here are her contributions to How I Wear It! <3


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