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Beautiful African Inspired Accessories!

I have a profound respect and admiration for artists.

Not for one type of artist specifically, as there are unlimited genres.  Just the type of artist that boldly answers their creative calling, manifesting their visions into this physical realm.

Salkis Re, is unquestionably one of those such artists.  She creates from the depths of her soul touching and perhaps healing many in an awe-inspiring way.

No better words than her own when describing her passion.  Here is what she’d like you to know:

“Well I just create pretty little girls all day long. I started painting because I wanted to create characters for chapters of a book I was working on and soon put the book down and kept painting.

This is meditative for me.  Therapy in every sense and helps soothe the loneliness from my hermit lifestyle.  These girls are very real to me.  The eyes give them heart beats… These girls come with stories of my childhood, the hurt, the love, the growing pains every woman can relate too.

This is much more than having something pretty on your wall: you wouldn’t buy these to match furniture, you need these for the sentiment, the emotions and the memories they help you to recall.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them :)”

~Salkis Re

Not only is Salkis Re’s artwork captivating, her natural beauty & style is also!  You can check out a bit of all below.  More of her beautiful pieces can be found on her website and Facebook.  Enjoy!



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