How To Properly Measure And Order Those Boots Online

Bandolino Tall Suede BootsOrdering boots online is an awesome way to find exactly what you’re looking for.  One of the drawbacks is the risk that they won’t fit.  A sure way to reduce the chances of that happening is to be armed and prepared.

So I admit that I have been searching for a pair of gray leather riding boots for quite some time now.  A few years to be exact.  During that time I ordered countless pairs of boots online (some obviously not gray :-)) just to find that perfect pair.  Sadly, I did just as many returns.

I couldn’t understand why a few of the pairs I bought were too tall for my legs.  How could I safeguard myself from this happening again I wondered.

Well, as it turns out, you need to know more than your shoe size when ordering tall riding boots online.

Pictured above is a pair I bought from DSW that I wanted to cry over having to return.  Can you see what’s wrong with them?


Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid what happened to me.

Check out this video before you order your next pair of boots to ensure they fit properly.

So have you had better luck at ordering online?

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