African Fashion Wear! Ruth Maccarthy

Ruth African Fashion Wear on How I Wear It

I have always been drawn to African prints.  The vibrant colors  somehow convey a message, a cultural deep rooted history that goes beyond it's design.

I happened upon a blog which highlights African Fashion Wear by Ruth Maccarthy, a fashion designer, originally from Ghana, currently from Milan, Italy.

I was in awe of her creations and wanted to share them with you.  You can find her on Facebook at African Fashion Wear for an inspirational take on beautiful African styles compliments of her own designs and those of contributors.  She also features other fashion designers that create footwear and jewelry, etc.

Her website says:

"A fashion revolution has been started by her and her belief is that African textiles are not just meant for Africans but for the entire world".

I say, thank you Ruth for your lovely designs!

Check out Ruth modeling some of her awesome creations below.  She is also featured in the How I Wear It skirts, dresses and accessories galleries!

Do you own any items with African prints? What is a favorite for you?

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