3 Ways To Wear 1 Crop Top


Crop tops have been around for many years and they\'ve gone through lots of transformations.

Some variations of crop tops include high cut, cut at the waist, loose fitting, and form fitting.  Styles of crop tops range from tanks & long sleeves, to sweat shirts, sweaters, and jackets.  The list goes on and on!

No matter the era or style, truth is, crop tops have made their way into many of our closets.  Today I\'m going to share 3 ways I like to wear one in particular.  My hope is to inspire you to either pull them out and wear them, try them if you never have or donate them if you\'re over it!

Wearing a crop top is definitely a personal choice, like anything else.  Not everyone likes them or is comfortable with baring their mid-section, while some women have no issues with it at all, regardless of size.

Though some people believe and want to dictate that crop tops are only for a certain age range or size, I say that only you can and should determine that for yourself.  If you want some inspiration, I\'m here to provide you with some options so...let\'s get on with it!

3 Ways To Wear 1 Crop Top:  Let me show you \"How I Wear It!\"

1.  Pair A Crop Top With A High Waist Bottom

A common way of wearing a crop top these days is to pair it with a high-waist bottom, such as a skirt or pants.  There are lots of pretty matching sets out there as well.   This one had a matching bottom, but it wasn\'t in my size.  If you\'re a bit squeamish about showing skin, this is a great way to enjoy your crop top!


2. Wear A Crop Top With Multiple Bottom Layers

Tone down the crop top by wearing multiple layers on the bottom.  So, instead of wearing only a mini skirt, add leggings.  This way you\'re not showing a ton of skin.  You can also add a tank underneath!


3.  Pair A Sweater Or Jacket With A Crop Top

If you want to only show a hint of skin and would be more comfortable wearing a sweater or a jacket, I say, go ahead and pair it!  Some may feel if you\'re not committed to just wearing it all out, don\'t do it.  I say, be your own person and do it your way!  Can you tell me one reason why you wouldn\'t? 😉


*View the full photo album of my crop top looks below!

You also want to gauge the weather in your area and make adjustments as needed.  Remember you can always layer under and over them!

I hope these crop top looks inspire you to try them at your own level of comfort!

Do you have another way of wearing crop tops that will inspire our readers?  Send us a pic to be featured!

3 Ways To Wear 1 Crop Top!

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