Shawana Smith ~ Contributor Corner Feature!

Pretty in Pink!

Ripped jeans with pink leather & wedges!

Shawana is just a fun-loving, ball of energy and it comes across in her photos!

Her creative natural hair styles and love for fashion is such as inspiration to others, so it was exciting when she became one of the first contributors to the blog How I Wear It.

I caught up with her the other day and had a chance for a quick interview, check it out below!

LP Share:  What are you working on right now?

Shawana:  Right now I am working on building my business.  I’m making body butters, sugar scrubs, lip balms, body wash, etc. Pretty much building a brand for myself.

LP Share:  What is your best wardrobe advice?

Shawana:  My best wardrobe advice is to always accessorize.  Grab a fancy clutch or handbag and a necklace and a nice pair of shoes.  Be able to take a outfit and know how to dress it up or down.

LP Share:  What is a wardrobe frustration for you?

Shawana:  A wardrobe frustration is when I don’t have the shoes I’d like to pair with an outfit, or the perfect jewelry.  But really hair also makes the outfit complete, so if my hair’s not right my outfit won’t look right….a real frustration!

This is great advice, and I can certainly identify with all of those frustrations.

Many thanks to Shawana for sharing and helping to inspire others with her wardrobe challenges and solutions!  Check out her contributions to the HIWI blog below.

You can find Shawana on Instagram  and Facebook.

We’re so looking forward to the launch of your new brand!  All the best to you Shawana!

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