The Colors Of Spring And Forecasted Trends


Top 10 Women’s Colors For Spring: Photo Credit:

Spring is finally here and it’s time to re-haul those wardrobes!

That’s right, time to put away the wool coats and assess what we’re working with.

Seasonal colors play a huge role in adding new life to our most favorite staple items.

 Spring Color Trends

I’ve already covered a few strategies of adding color to your wardrobe .  Well this goes hand in hand with knowing the color trends of the season.  My own strategy is to find a few colorful pieces that I can resonate with to refresh my closet.

According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report for 2015, cool hues and warm tones suggest a more minimalistic and earthy palette for the Spring.  Check out this report for a short video that discusses each color shown in the pictoral!

Style Strategy & Forecast

Now trends are cool but I won’t totally betray my favorite colors of pieces that I already have.  I mix and match, add a new piece here and an accessory there, always watching to see if I can wear something in a totally new way.

If you want a peek at forecasted style trends for this season for clothing and shoes, I’ll hook you up with a little preview below 🙂 (may contain affiliate links)

According to Lucky Mag, these are some of the quickest items you can add to quickly update your wardrobe!  😀

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