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Many of us can just up and buy a pair of shoes or boots on a whim without another thought.

Hey if the shoe fits, we wear it!

Well, some of us can't purchase so freely due to foot issues which can severely limit that type of freedom & flexibility.

On today's post, I will be sharing some options for those that deal with foot issues, specifically plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis refers to the inflammation of the band of tissue that runs from the heel along the arch of the foot.  This condition results in a lot of pain and of course a lot of frustration for those that deal with this syndrome.

I've included some of my favorite options for fashionable shoes that offer support while being stylish

You'll find more resources at the bottom, which provides additional information about plantar fasciitis and other shoe options!

You can also check out:- The Happy Feet Store!  Women's Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

You will find some athletic options at The Healthy Feet Store, as well as sandal options.  I hope these suggestions provide some inspirational options if you are dealing with plantar fasciitis or any other issues that affect your footwear options.

I can vouch for the comfort of the Dansko brand of shoes.  They had plenty of  my favorite MaryJane styles and they were perfect!

Casual print leggings

I'm hoping you can find a pair that suits you fashionably.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about other types of issues you are dealing with.  I'm sure I can locate some inspired options for you too!


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