Beautiful HOPE (Healing Our People Everyday) – Tiffany Hampton

Tiffany Hampton on How I Wear It

The amazing thing about How I Wear It is that I not only get to see and share how a person styles their outer appearance, I'm sometimes able to get an inspiring peek at what they do, what motivates them and how they make a difference to others.

Introducing, "Tiffany Hampton, a young woman that has overcome so much in life.  As a child Tiffany struggled to identify with other children.  Being a victim of bullying, and so many other things as a child, Tiffany decided as an adult she would no longer be a victim, but instead be a conqueror.

Putting her past behind her and taking her life back, she set forth to find her purpose in life.  After trying college and realizing it wasn't for her, she set forth to start her own business.  Now she is the founder of BeautifulHOPE, an up and coming author, motivational speaker, among many other things".

Visit Tiffany's Facebook group Beautiful H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People Everyday) to see how she's making an inspiring difference for others and how you can help!

Peep Tiffany's style below and in the How I Wear It Galleries!

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