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Katina Washington on How I Wear It

Meet Katina Washington, the owner of Uology Brand, and the artist/creator of U~Niq Accessories.

Katina wears many hats and her biggest passion is creating beautiful custom designed pieces from a variety of materials.  Here's how she got started, in her own words!

"With just a few dollars, I purchased a few supplies, and began to foster my love for art by creating a few accessories.

Initially, I would make accessories for myself and give them to family and friends. They loved them so much, they offered to buy them.  I was humbled. To wear my own creations, and to see my accessories on others was priceless!  I had finally found my niche!

I have always had a love for custom accessories and considered myself an artist, so U~Niq was birthed!

U~Niq accessories fulfilled my desire to bring my ideas into fruition.  Each accessory that is created is a beautiful concoction of both my idea and personality".

Here are Katina's contributions to How I Wear It!

Be sure to visit Katina's website, Uology.us to see her custom pieces!  You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!

I'm a huge fan myself!  Don't forget to check out the lovely earrings I purchased and the Look Book for Uology by Uniq!

Want more?

Well, Katina is definitely a mover and puts together several annual events, such as the SHEEvent!  "We have committed to building a community of VERY talented Black entrepreneurs to showcase their work!

Just recently, the SheEvent2015 brought in over 500 guests where they came through & took part in this AWESOME Experience! It was a their biggest turnout ever!

Visitors were given an opportunity to shop, support, network, mingle, & just enjoy the SHE experience - all in a positive environment!"

If you are in Illinois, you'll definitely want to connect with Katina!



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