Queen of Shea – Rosalyn Byers

Rozzy Queen of Shea on How I Wear It

Meet Rosalyn Byers, an uplifting,  positive and highly motivated entrepreneur, always ready to do right by family and communities!

She has a heartfelt mission to offer quality, chemical free, all natural products for hair and skin.

"There's so many toxins and chemical preservatives in our food, water and air that it's not funny.  As you search for all natural products on the shelves of retail stores there is not many without a ridiculous price tag.  This should not be.

For the love of people, hair, skin and all things natural, I give you my best in personal care for the whole family through my brand, Queen of Shea ".

"Rozzy" is a single parent and mother of one, who happens to be an honor student and young entrepreneur.  She continues striving toward breaking the poverty chain in her family and can be found helping others to become self sufficient.

We need more inspiring people like you Rozzy!

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