Design Outside The Box LLC. by Angela Rossen

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Angela Rossen

Take a special look at the another part of Angela Rossen’s style.  While she’s passionate about her business, Design Outside The Box LLC., she is just as inspiring with her wardrobe!


This feature is a special one for me because it’s for a special person, Angela Rossen!

Meet my long time friend, past co-worker, shopping buddy and most importantly my Graphics Designer!  Yes Angela, owner of Design Outside The Box LLC., created the logo for How I Wear It, and it was an awesome experience!

Angela is also a Web Designer and Photographer.  I’ll leave all of her information below for you to check out her beautiful work.

Ah hem… so, without further ado, let’s talk about her style. 

Angela’s creative spirit comes through the very pieces she wears.  Her wardrobe is visually inspiring with clean lines, color and beautiful details.  She’s passionate about her work but just as passionate about how she styles her wardrobe.

I’m so excited to share with you what she’s shared with me!  Here are her gorgeous photos!

Here is her information, enjoy!:

My Etsy Shop:

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