Textured Tights A Fall Trend

Pink Ann Taylor Top Cache Skirt Fishnets HeelsI have always been a huge fan of tights and stockings. 

Mainly because I wore so many skirts and dresses growing up.  It was one of the best things to keep my legs warm!

As I got older, I remained a fan and can remember a high school fad of wearing fishnets over colored stockings or tights and matching them to our outfits.  Interesting, lol!  Then there were also designs and bows added to stockings that made wearing them a lot more fun.

Today my love for textured tights continues and I have to say, my collection is vast, mostly compliments of my husband!

Lucky for me, textured tights were listed as a Fall Trend for 2015 right?  Yeah…who am I kidding, I’d wear them anyway! 😉

Now don’t think you have to wait to wear a skirt or dress to wear tights, just find a fun way to incorporate them to switch it up a bit.  I promise you, it’ll give you a little edge!

Here are just a few different ways I like to wear textured tights!

Tights: How I Wear It

How do you wear textured tights or stockings?

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