What To Wear Fall Forecast & Style Trends 2015

Fall 2015 Sytle Trends How I Wear ItAs seasons change, I’m always curious about what the upcoming style forecast will be.

It’s always interesting to see what’s new but I’m usually looking for opportunities to recycle what’s already in my closet.  To me, this is the most fun way to sport a few of the latest trends right away.

I once heard it said that fashion repeats itself every twenty years or so.  As of late, it seems that some trends either cycle through faster, while others hang around for a few years at a time.  I like the latter because it’s long enough for us to get plenty of wear out of them!

Fall Trends for 2015

My created styles from the 2015 Fall Style Trends! Compliments of my own closet! <3

So I peeped out the Fall Trends List of 2015 (full list down below) and challenged myself with coming up with a couple of looks with a few items on the list that I already had in my closet.  It was so much fun!

Here’s an adapted list of twenty items from the Fall 2015 Style Trend Forecast, according to Elle.com.

  1. The Bling Ring
  2. Lady Loafers
  3. Carwash Pleats
  4. Stomp (Boots)
  5. Happy Hemlines (Long with Flowy Bell Bottom)
  6. Furry Feet
  7. Cuffs (Cuffin’ Season)
  8. Glove Love
  9. Grey Suits (50 Suits of Grey)
  10. ‘Get Higher (Waisted)’
  11. The Boys Club
  12. Short Skirts (Who Wears Short Skirts)
  13. Oversized/Long Sleeves (Look Ma, No Hands)
  14. One Shoulder Wonders
  15. Plaid And Simple
  16. The Skinny Scarf
  17. Way, Way OTK (Over The Knee)
  18. Hold Tight (Tights/Textured)
  19. The Turtleneck Dickie
  20. Nouveau Victorian

Just like I suspected, there are a lot of familiar items on this year’s style trends list.  Here are the ones I chose for my photo shoot, straight outta my closet!

  • plaid skirt: plaid and simple/15
  • mini plaid skirt: short skirts/12
  • brown textured tights: tights/18 (I chose leggings since the skirt was a bit short, lol)
  • brown over the knee boots: over the knee/17
  • turtleneck dickie: turtleneck dickie/19 (I chose a mock turtleneck instead, hey make it work for you!)
  • off-shoulder top: one shoulder wonders/14

Check back often as I will be showcasing items on the list taken right from my own closet!  What items do you already have that are on this years’ list?