Last Of Summer Fashion ~ Pretty In Pink

Pink Ann Taylor Top Cache Skirt Fishnets Platforms How I Wear It

Top-Ann Taylor, Skirt-Cache, Heels-Sam Edelman

As we approach the very last of summer I thought I’d put together a final ode to the season.

There’s been a buzz around the web indicating that pink is the new red, so I chose the color pink for my theme.  Curious about the correlation between these colors, I did a bit of research to understand better how relatable they might be.

As for red, it’s a color that associates with energy, strength, power, determination and also passion, desire and love.

Pink on the other hand is stimulating and calm, motivating action and creative thought while also conveying soft, pure and delicate associations.

So how could pink ever be the new red?

Consequently, both red and pink communicate similar energies that are passionate and sensual, each having the power to increase one’s blood pressure and pulse rate.

This would certainly explain the ability to interchange these colors and that’s good enough for me!

Choosing more timeless items over trendy ones have allowed me to wear some of my pieces for many years.

Pink Ann Taylor Top Cache Skirt Fishnets Heels

Top – Ann Taylor Skirt – Cache Heels – Sam Edelman

With that being said, in the spirit of ‘Pink Is The New Red’, I put together some of my favorite pink items, straight outta my closet.

Ann Taylor Pink Dress How I Wear It

Dress – Ann Taylor, Shoes – Nine West

Pink Romper & Wedges How I Wear It

Romper – Syvinia, Wedges – DSW

Pink & White Cheetah Print Dress How I Wear It LP Share

Dress – Sylvinia, Wedges – DSW

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the pieces I’m wearing is about eleven years old?  Can you guess which one it is?

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