New Years Eve Party Dress Shenanigans With LP Share!

Happy New Year Everyone!

If we’re not connected on Facebook you’re likely unaware of my indecision on choosing a dress to wear to a New Year’s Eve party.

The only thing I had decided was that I wouldn’t be buying a new dress.  I went through my closet and even after trying on all of my choices, I still couldn’t decide.

So I took to Facebook and asked my friends and fellow group members which dress they would vote for.  My choices included the following three dresses:  A purple, red and black dress, each with a unique style.

LP Share NYE Choices

Red, purple and black choices for NYE


The voting, comments and social interaction was so much fun!  I got a lot of advice and some good suggestions too.  All in all, here’s how the tally of the vote turned out:

NYE Tally

The Final Count for NYE Dress!

Drumroll….the red dress won!  The purple dress was not far off and, according to the feedback, the black dress was considered a common color everyone would wear, thus coming in third place.

I Won For NYE!

NYE Party Dress Winner

For those that are curious, my husband would not vote during this process.  Said he didn’t want to sway or affect the results.  Yet, he ended up doing just that in the end! How?

You see, the day before New Year’s Eve, he kindly mentioned he preferred the purple dress, even though he liked them all.  (Insert blank stare).

I knew what he meant and yet with knowing, I had to reconsider my options.  So you’ll understand why I ended up taking both and committing a wardrobe change between the two!  It actually turned out to be a lot of fun!.

Disclaimer: The party was held at a hotel and we had a room.  This was the only way I was able to pull this off.  Anyhow, here are the final pictures of both outfits!


LP Share NYE Red Dress

Here is the winner!

LP Share My second NYE look!

Here is the runner up and my second wardrobe switch of the NYE party!

Not bad for practicing what I preach about wearing what’s already in your closet eh?  However, I will just go ahead and say this now.

I WILL be purchasing a new dress for the next New Year’s Eve party I attend!

What did you wear for NYE?

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