Dainty Jewels by Venisha Warren

Gorgeous statement piece!

Venisha Warren

Our accessories can definitely speak before we do and there happens to be someone that knows all about this.

Here now is Venisha Warren, owner of Dainty Jewels online accessory and clothing store, giving us a glimpse of her passion, in her own words.

“My business is about enhancing your personal style.

Every woman has their own style and Dainty Jewels carries a variety of options that range from casual to statement pieces.  I chose the name Dainty Jewels not only because of the accessories and clothing my store carries but also because as a woman, I believe we all are Dainty Jewels.

An excerpt from the “About Us” section on DaintyJewels.com:

 “The name “Dainty Jewels” was selected to describe a woman’s subtle strength and beauty. DAINTY, is defined as “of delicate beauty; exquisite” and JEWELS is defined as “a person or thing that is treasured, esteemed, or indispensable.” Put the two words together and it perfectly describes a woman so it’s only necessary you treat yourself to some DAINTY JEWELS because you are one!”
When people come in contact with me and my business, I hope to always exude this attitude and personality!  Myself and my business strives everyday to empower women to feel and look good in order to put their best efforts out in to the world.”

Venisha, I couldn’t have said it better!

Here are some of the beautiful items available in her store!


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