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Eclectic handcrafted accessories!

If you haven’t heard of ‘Prettiuneek Jewely’ before, where uniquely handcrafted pieces are available at incredibly affordable prices, you are in for a treat!

In three words, Prettiuneek Jewelry is Bohemian, Eclectic & Modern, with extra attention to details.  These meticulous creations embody the passion of ‘Pretti Uneek’ and there are nothing but rave reviews out there about the quality of her amazing pieces.

Prettiuneek takes special requests and will happily work with customers on different style ideas.  Be sure to check her out to find out where this all started and to see more beautiful creations!

You can also find her work on Facebook!  She also has a YouTube channel, Prettiuneekhair!

I had an opportunity to chat it up with ‘Prettiuneek’ the other day about a bit more than her beautiful line of jewelry.

*** HIWI Style Chat***

LP Share:  How would you describe your style?

Prettiuneek:  My style is Boho, tribal, ethnic and eclectic.  You can see traces of this in the style of clothes and shoes that I wear and in the jewelry that I make and wear.  I love color, patterns, unique buttons and different kinds of stitching on clothes.

LP Share:  What is a wardrobe staple for you and why?

Prettiuneek:  My style of dressing is very non-traditional.  I dress for comfort first.  In winter time a staple is colorful fleece base layers and bright colored sweaters to wear on top and cords in warm colors.

I am also a huge fan of embellished sweatpants.  In summer I love pretty detailed white shirts and denim shorts that have embellishments on them.  Strappy comfy walking sandals in summer are a staple for me.

LP Share:  Name a wardrobe frustration for you.

Prettiuneek:  Shoes!!  OMG they do not make enough funky comfort shoes for women.  I suffer from foot problems and cannot wear heels and many of the popular trendy shoes.  Finding comfy winter shoes is a challenge for me.

Well one thing that isn’t a challenge for her is her funky, boho chic, eclectic and soulful handcrafted jewelry, all with  touch of ethnic flair!

Thanks so much for sharing your style and business with How I Wear It!  Here are some of Prettiuneek’s styles below!

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