Erica Tirado ~ InVisible Signs Inc.


Red always works with cheetah prints!

Erica Tirado, founder, CEO and owner of InVisible Signs Inc. clearly loves fashion and knows how to wear it.

At a first glance, you might see a stylish and beautiful person on the outside, but you’d be cheating yourself to stop there.

You see, as a result of her mother being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her early 60’s, Erica began InVisible Signs Inc..  This Nonprofit 501c (3) is focused on Alzheimer’s awareness and supporting caregivers in the fight of this ageless disease.

It is Erica’s hope that InVisible Signs Inc. will be able to support, educate, empathize and provide volunteer services for those affected and those who care.  Thus everyone can become better equipped and able to help pick up those pieces of lost memories and begin the rebuilding process of making newer and happier ones.

Well, Erica not only shared her beautiful mission with How I Wear It, she also offered a peek into her wardrobe style!

LP Share:  How would you describe your style?

Erica:  I would describe my style as NY Chic meets Vintage Boutique!

LP Share:  What is a wardrobe staple for you and why? 

Erica:  A wardrobe staple for me would be shoes!  Shoes can make or break an outfit, and with the right shoes it starts the foundation of your outfit.

LP Share:  Name a wardrobe frustration for you.

Erica:  A wardrobe frustration for me is to not be able to have my own uniqueness with my style.  I hate to look like anyone (else) and I love to be creative!  I am my own canvas.

Well we can all relate with Erica on this, no?  I think she has successfully turned her desire of not having a cookie-cutter appearance into a style all her own!  See for yourself!

Erica, all the best to you and thanks so much for sharing your style with How I Wear It and helping to inspire!

You can find Erica on Facebook and can learn more about The InVisible Signs Inc., by visiting their website.

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