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Johanna on HIWI

Introducing Johanna Denny (Jo), a Guyanese entrepreneur living in Jamaica!

Jo enjoys fashion, natural hair and does home improvement consultation.  She’s happy and spirited, which definitely comes across, as you will see in her style album below.

I had the opportunity to interview her the other day to find out more about her style & wardrobe!  Enjoy!


LP Share:  How would you describe your style?

Jo:  Hmmm… I would describe my style as comfortable and chic.  I love all things that glitter, but sometimes I try not to go overboard as I want my style to represent class with modesty.  Something I can sport that makes me look good, but doesn’t say to those who I am around, hey, I am better than you.  Does that make sense?

LP Share:  Absolutely, I get it!  So, what is a wardrobe staple item for you and why?

Jo:  My wardrobe staple item is most def a blazer.  Why?  This key clothing item can be worn anytime, anywhere and for any reason.  It also can jazz up an old piece of clothing.  It keeps me warm also, as I tend to get chilly easily.  So it’s like the best thing since sliced bread in fashion for me.

LP Share:  Name a wardrobe frustration for you.

Jo:  This is simple.  Lol.  Dirty laundry.  When I have too much dirty laundry I feel out of place.  Out of touch.  Just out!

Can I add another wardrobe frustration?  Dirty and old shoes.  Ugh! I feel a hot mess in those, so I am constantly replacing.  Side note to the HIWI readers!  Now that LP Share and I are friends, I will consider raiding her shoe space.  She has so many.  Hahaha.

LP Share:  LOL!  That’s too funny!  1.  I agree wholeheartedly on the laundry tip…sheesh I don’t know where all of the clothes come from sometimes!  Now about those shoes…unless you’re a shoe size 9, it won’t work, LOL!

Thanks so much for taking out time for the interview and sharing with the HIWI readers Jo!

Okay, here’s Jo in action!

If you are interested in hiring Jo for a home improvement consultation, feel free to send her an email to with the subject heading: “Consultation”

Jo would also be delighted if you join her on:





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