My Favorite Coat Of All Times!

J Crew Kelly Green Wool Coat

J Crew Kelly Green Wool Coat

I absolutely LOVE the fall season.  The scarves, the boots, and yes, the coats!

Since fleeing south, away from the brisk shores of Lake Erie, I don’t really have a need for a winter coat.  As a result, I don’t own as many coats as I used to.

After a few years, it was obvious I didn’t need to keep so many of them around.  The slight chance I’d be able to wear them, maybe once, was a joke.

However (smile), I did keep my favorite Kelly green, J. Crew coat (pictured).  I’ve had this baby for several years and counting, and am sure I got more than my money’s worth by now.  It’s a classic, so hey, I’ll wear it as long as I can fit into it 😉

What’s your favorite outerwear piece?  How do you rock yours?

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  1. Hey LP! I really like your favorite J Crew coat of all times!! The Kelly Green is such a pretty color, I am so lovin the animal print scarf and matching wedges. The Kelly Green really makes your accessories pop!! Love this website! 🙂

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