Jeans, Jeans, And More Jeans!

One thing you can't have too many pairs of is jeans. There's too many styles to just have one pair, yet, at one time I can remember only having and wearing one pair of jeans. My job position really didn't allow for them outside of casual Fridays.

I honestly figured if I didn't wear them to work that often, why bother with even buying them?
After some nudging from my co-worker Tiffiney (who was secretly irritated that I kept wearing the same pair, 😀 ), I branched out to getting more pairs to have on hand for some variety.

Boy did she wake a sleeping giant.  I learned there was a whole 'nother level of possibilities out there, and I've never looked back.  Shout out to Tiffiney, lol!

But really, based upon the type or style, jeans can transform your attitude and day in so many ways!

How do you wear your favorite pair?

Jeans Inspirations!

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