3 Ways to Add Some Happy To Your Corporate Dresscode

corporate sockx

Corporate Socks

Some of us have worked those types of jobs.

You know, the ones requiring “professional” dress.  They have one-thousand guidelines on what you can and what you can’t wear.

This limits our ability to rock those trendy items and can make expressing our style a challenge.

While wearing my share of business suits and dresses, I always looked for little ways to sneak some flavor into my outfits.  It just helped me to enjoy my day better :-).

My secret on this was simple; it was all in the details.

I’ll share with you three quick and easy ways to add a pop of happy into your daily style options:

  1. Accessorize
    • Grab some accessories like a colorful necklace, dangling earrings and a few bangles to add some spice to your outfit. I KNOW you have something in your jewelry box you haven’t touched in a while. Otherwise, the dollar store or accessory shops have some cute options.
  2. Mix it up
    • Who says you have to wear your blue blazer with the matching blue pants every time? Don’t be afraid to break away and mix up your pieces to create more style options and stretch that wardrobe! I’ve even worn black and brown together 😉
  3. Substitute
    • Blouses are pretty with a blazer but how about switching it out for a sequined tank? If you must wear hosiery, you can break out of the norm and easily add a pop of color with opaque tights or printed socks.

These are simple but bold ways to step up any outfit.  Here are some of my favorite accessories:

I challenge you to try any one of these suggestions, and then let me know how it works out for you!

What are some ways you sneak in a bit of style at work?