3 Ways To Wear 1 Dress Year Round!

LP Share Wears One Dress Three Ways How I Wear It

Add a top and blazer and wear that dress!

Have you ever had that one item you just loved to wear but felt sad when it was ‘time to put it away’?

I’ve been there, yet I am always attempting to defy the wardrobe and seasonal rules that be.

Take my favorite jumper dress for example.  I love the look, feel and quality of it, so I never want to part with it during the winter season.

So in spite of extremely cold temperatures, instead of putting it away, I’m always looking for ways to strategically wear it!

Now for those of you that think you may be cold wearing a dress or skirt while it’s cold, let me tell you, I know from experience that skirts and dresses keep you much warmer than wearing pants.

Seriously, if you think about it like gloves vs. mittens, the mittens are warmer because your fingers together create body heat.  Separate the fingers with gloves (like pants separate the legs) and you lose that body heat!

So now that using the cold as an excuse is squashed ;-), let’s look at a few ways I was able to wear one dress three ways!

How To Wear 1 Dress 3 Ways Year Round!


Here are some tips on how I extended my wardrobe into the colder months!:

  • Add some tights or stockings.

  • Layer with a tank or shirt underneath.

  • Wear a slip

  • Rock some tall boots (with the tights)

  • Throw on a blazer or sweater

It can be done, so the next time you want to wear a favorite, try applying a few of these tips!  Especially if it’s off season and you can get away with it!

How do you stretch some of your wardrobe pieces?  Do you like to wear dresses or skirts during the winter too?  Dish!


  1. Yes, I’m a Girly-girl and I most certainly rock a dress when its cold. Autumn is my favorite season for fashion. I love to accessorize with tights and add layers like turtlenecks and layering Ts when I can. Blazers, tall boots, scarves– Love. Once it gets really winter cold, I’m still at it… I just put on a longer coat to cover that mini skirt and throw some leg warmers over those legs. I love all your tips and see we share the same philosophy about fashion. I’m excited because I haven’t come across a blog like this yet. Well done LP!

    • Thank you so much Melinda, I really appreciate your comments! You know I get putting ‘some’ summer stuff away, but not all of it has to go right? Lol!. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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