Adria Robinson, A Powerful Woman In Business!

The Lady In Red!

3/4 Sleeve red dress with back fringes! <3

If anyone knows how to get down to business, it’s Adria Robinson, CEO & Founder of Powerful Women In Business Association, LLC.

This organization is dedicated to inspiring professional women and their communities, monopolizing opportunities, as well as improving their educational, social and economic statuses.

That’s quite a gig, and at the same time, Adria still finds a way to transition her wardrobe for any occasion.

Adria recently took some time out of her schedule for a quick chat about fashion, her wardrobe and such!

LP Share:  What are you working on right now?

Adria:  I’m currently working on planning the 2016 Powerful In Style Fashion Week!

LP Share:  That sounds so exciting!  Speaking of fashion, what is a wardrobe staple for you and why?

Adria:  My staple is a simple black dress.  You can put a black dress together in so many different ways.  It’s just a classic item to always have in your closet!

LP Share:  I agree wholeheartedly!  Do you have any wardrobe frustrations, and if so, have you found any solutions to them?

Adria:  My wardrobe frustration is that I’m not able to wear tops with my back out due to my bra size.  I always have to wear a bra no matter what.  So far, I haven’t found the solution to this yet.

LP Share:  I know that’s a bummer Adria, so I’ve provided some information below on what might help you and others.

I have personally used ALL of what is suggested in this video and they’ve worked for me.  It will just depend on the design of what you are wearing.

I hope this helps and thanks to Adria for sharing and inspiring our readers here on!  To connect with Adria visit her website for Powerful Women In Business, LLC. or Facebook!

As always, check out Adria’s contributions to How I Wear It, also located in the HIWI Galleries!

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