Candice Nicole Booker ~ Contributor Corner Feature!

Pretty in Plaid!

Plaid print is popular!

The other day, I caught up with my Facebook friend Candice, affectionately known as @Curly_Coily_Candy on Instagram.

Not only does she have gorgeous natural hair, she also has style to match!

Let’s find out a little more about her now.

*HIWI Style Chat*

LP Share: Candice, describe your wardrobe style in a few words.

Candice: Plain Jane

LP Share: What is your favorite wardrobe piece and why?

Candice: Scarves, because they make any outfit look awesome!

LP Share: What is a wardrobe frustration for you?

Candice: It’s frustrating when I find cute shirts and they don’t fit right because of my ta-tas.

Well, I think Candice sure does make ‘Plain Jane’ look great.  I certainly have to agree with her on how scarves can take any outfit to another level.  I show you how in this quick scarf tutorial!

Quick Tips For The Top Heavy!

If you are top-heavy and experiencing the same wardrobe frustration of finding cute tops that fit your bust, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind.

  • Remember that the more of your bust you cover up, the heavier it may appear. 
  • Go for tops that have a V-shape neckline to balance it all out.
  • Layer tops that are too low cut with a tank top underneath, or even those colorful “bra-lettes” like that ones I showcase in this video about styling your bra straps!

Check out a glimpse of Candice’s style below.  I think she looks awesome!  You can find her on Facebook under Candice Nicole Booker and on Instagram as Curly_Coily_Candy.

Thank you so much for sharing your wardrobe style with How I Wear It Candice!




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