Aliwazas ~ La Tetra Metts-Owens

Sharp collar!

Introducing La Tetra Metts-Owens, the creator and owner of

She offers customized items to suit a woman’s healing, spiritual and aesthetic preferences. This includes:

  • Arm & Leg Wear
  • Bath and Body
  • Charging Kits
  • Crystals
  • Ear Wear
  • Honeypot Yoni Care
  • Neck Wear
  • Waist Wear

In her own words, “At its core, Aliwaza’s caters to the emotional, physical and spiritual growth of women…and those of us who love them. Our custom creations and small inventory are a testament to the specialized attention we give each customer.

Our crystals are always 100% natural, our jewelry is 100% original and our intentions are 100% pure.”

How many places can you shop that offers this type of personal service, customized to fit your needs, while providing items which help you on so many levels?

I am totally fascinated by what she offers and invite you to browse her website to experience it for yourself! While you’re there, special for HIWI visitors, enjoy 10% off with coupon code: WEARALIWAZAS

Before you go, peep some of La Tetra’s personal style below! ;-D

Thanks to La Tetra for contributing her pics and sharing with us!


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