House of Stallionz – For The Curvaceous Woman

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Sometimes you have to bite the bullet!

In my opinion, there aren’t enough clothing companies out there with a sincere appreciation for a woman with curves.

Sure they may carry our ‘size’ but do they really celebrate who we are and what we’re about?

Well ‘House of Stallionz’ reached out to me for an opinion about their tees, and that was the first thing I noticed they did.

Before I share my opinion, let me tell you a bit more about them.

House of Stallionz is a clothing brand made for women, no matter the size, that embody self-worth, intelligence, self awareness, independence and empowerment.

In their own words, “Stallionz (stal’yens) is a unique term to compliment a woman with a curvaceous figure.  Being a stallion is not just about having a big booty and breasts.  It’s how a woman walks, how she talks, her smell from the fragrance she wears and how she thinks.”

“It is a woman who is strong-willed, ambitious and very clear about her goals.  It represents an enticing and desirable image.  All of that shows confidence in a woman which makes her a Stallion.”

Well alright!

My First Impression of House of Stallionz

Okay, so I receive my package and here’s what I find.  A super soft tee with a very nice and forgiving stretch, which provided a very flattering fit.

I like the image of the woman’s mouth with teeth biting the bullet.  It’s vibrant with an added touch of glitter.  I definitely think this represents their mantra and conveys, ‘to seize the opportunity’, or ‘to stand up and take it’.

How I Wear It

Well, you all know I love to find multiple ways to style one piece.  I mean, it kind of guarantees you will get plenty of wear out of it, which is the whole point of this blog, How I Wear It!

So here’s how I styled my House of Stallionz tee…what do you think?

House of Stallionz on How I Wear It Blog

3 Ways to Wear House of Stallionz Tee!

Overall I actually do love this tee because it is comfortable yet edgy enough for those days I’m feelin’ that way!  It definitely represents the determination I personally have for my goals.  I’ll enjoy wearing this t shirt going forward!

If you’re interested in purchasing a House of Stallionz tee yourself, visit their website,, to get yours today.  They go fast, so don’t wait 

You can also find and follow them on Instagram!  Tell them @lpshare sent ya!

Bonus pic!

Stallionz Bonus Pic

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