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How many people do you know that can motivate and inspire you on multiple levels?  Here’s one more person to definitely add!

Yolanda Lewis is President & CEO of Extreme Overflow Enterprises; a Coaching, Publishing, and Leadership Development Training firm. She is the author of five books with the latest being, Next Level Up.

Mrs. Lewis enjoys helping others fulfill their calling as a leader in their careers and personal life. The Extreme Overflow Enterprises mission is to facilitate, cultivate, inspire, and enhance the professional and personal lifestyle of our customers through publishing, inner/outer beauty and business training as well as coaching.

If you are interested in publishing, need coaching, are looking to become a certified professional coach or are in need of other professional training, contact Extreme Overflow Enterprises, today at www.extreme-overflow-enterprises.com

To book Yolanda Lewis visit: www.theyolandalewis.com

Here’s more of Yolanda’s captivating style!

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