Ourglass Collection ~ Shatava Lindsey

Ourglass Collection by Shatava

Fitted skirt set with heels! <3

Holla if you’re a curvy girl who’s had to deal with clothing not properly fitting your waist, hips and yes, your bottom!  I just hollered, because I’ve been there and it’s no fun at all.

So it’s a breath of fresh air to introduce to you someone that really gets the struggle.  You see, at one point it was her struggle too, before she turned that situation around.

Meet Shatava Lindsey, founder and owner of Ourglass CollectionHere is her story, as stated on her website:

“As a curvaceous woman, founder Shatava Lindsey sought to create a fashion brand where women of all sizes could purchase clothing items and feel confident about their purchase.

After growing frustrated over trying to find quality clothing to fit her curvy figure, Shatava sought to create her own unique brand, utilizing quality fabrics that would fit a woman like no other.  Finding quality materials became the focus of the company and after time of trial and error, OURGLASS finally came together.

Our team of designers crafted the perfect designs for different silhouettes that flatter the curves of all women.  Our customized Jeans, bodysuits, dresses and tops are designed to make a woman feel comfortable and sexy in her own skin.

Want to feel confident in your figure, shop OURGLASS COLLECTION!”

OURGLASS celebrates the sexy & unique make-up of curvy women with custom fitting clothing designs available in sizes 4 – 16.

Here’s a peek at what you will find in Shatava’s closet AND her online “Ourglass Collection!”  Enjoy!


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