LP Share Summer Dress How I Wear It

Summer Sundresses

With summer only a few days away, I admit I thought it was already here!  The weather’s been so warm that I’ve already jumped into wearing my summer gear. I usually like to reach for easy breezy summer dresses so today I’m sharing two favorites.  One I’ve had for years and the other I just picked […]

LP Share's Infinity Scarf

Easily Create & Style An Infinity Scarf

One of the best ways to keep your body heat in this time of year is to wear a scarf.Not just any scarf, I’m talkin’ an infinity scarf simply because it’s more concentrated around the neckline.  This helps to protect this important area from the elements.  You can even pull part of it over your […]

LP Share for NYLA Elise Clothing

NYLA Elise Clothing Co. ~ More Than A Clothier

I recently came across NYLA Elise Clothing on Instagram and when I laid my eyes on the shirt you see me wearing, I had to have one!This tee spoke to me in a few different ways, and when I visited their website to learn more, it became clear why.I discovered that not only does their […]

Flats on How I Wear It

Shoe Options For Foot Issues ~ HIWI Tips & Tricks

This post may contain affiliate links. :-)Many of us can just up and buy a pair of shoes or boots on a whim without another thought.Hey if the shoe fits, we wear it!Well, some of us can’t purchase so freely due to foot issues which can severely limit that type of freedom & flexibility.On today’s […]

leather-custom-earrings by UniqNation

One Color Is All It Takes! HIWI Tips & Tricks

So what happens when you run out of ideas on how to pull together a quick outfit? Well, I will share with you a tried and true method I absolutely love to use! I have plenty of items in my closet that are the same color, like black, brown, Earth tones and the like.  I […]

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Plaid Is Trending Right Now

One of the hottest trending styles out right now is plaid! Plaid and I go way back, as it’s always been one of my favorite types of prints, and when I saw ‘Plaid And Simple’ listed on Elle’s Fall Trends List, I knew I’d be all over it! At the time I posted all of the […]

All Grey Everything Grey Look Book!

I noticed that grey was on the list of Fall Trends this season, specifically suits in monochromatic or all grey. I got a little excited because for some reason I have plenty of grey in my closet! Most of it was from my corporate days, and after learning that the color grey denotes neutrality, safety […]

Womens Sweaters Crop Top Joggers on How I Wear It

3 Ways To Wear 1 Crop Top

Crop tops have been around for many years and they’ve gone through lots of transformations. Some variations of crop tops include high cut, cut at the waist, loose fitting, and form fitting.  Styles of crop tops range from tanks & long sleeves, to sweat shirts, sweaters, and jackets.  The list goes on and on! No matter the era or style, truth […]

Pink Ann Taylor Top Cache Skirt Fishnets Heels

Textured Tights A Fall Trend

I have always been a huge fan of tights and stockings.  Mainly because I wore so many skirts and dresses growing up.  It was one of the best things to keep my legs warm! As I got older, I remained a fan and can remember a high school fad of wearing fishnets over colored stockings or […]

What To Wear Fall Forecast & Style Trends 2015

As seasons change, I’m always curious about what the upcoming style forecast will be. It’s always interesting to see what’s new but I’m usually looking for opportunities to recycle what’s already in my closet.  To me, this is the most fun way to sport a few of the latest trends right away. I once heard it said […]

HIWI Skirts LP Share

Last Of Summer Fashion ~ Pretty In Pink

As we approach the very last of summer I thought I’d put together a final ode to the season. There’s been a buzz around the web indicating that pink is the new red, so I chose the color pink for my theme.  Curious about the correlation between these colors, I did a bit of research to […]

HIWI Closet

Poshmark – My New Closet Obsession For Making Money

As much as I love to shop, I’ll be the first to admit that over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of stuff that I simply don’t wear or use anymore.It never fails.  I go through my closet every year looking to purge, and will talk myself into keeping things that I just can’t seem to part with, […]

House of Stallionz – For The Curvaceous Woman

* Sponsored Post / Opinions are 100% my own. In my opinion, there aren’t enough clothing companies out there with a sincere appreciation for a woman with curves. Sure they may carry our ‘size’ but do they really celebrate who we are and what we’re about? Well ‘House of Stallionz’ reached out to me for an opinion about their […]

Earn Money From Clothes In Your Closet How I Wear It

7 Ways to Make Money From Your Closet!

Do you have clothes hanging out in your closet that you don’t wear because you have changed careers, sizes or your mind about something you bought? Well there are plenty of ways to cash in on your closet and today I will share with you seven ways to do it.  After all, why leave money sitting in […]

How I Wear It Dresses

3 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Pieces ~ Versatile Options For Your Wardrobe!

There’s no reason why your clothing has to hang out in your closet collecting dust. We can easily envision a particular way to wear our favorite pieces.  When that gets old, we sometimes stall when trying to figure out new or creative options. I’ve been there plenty of times, so I’m always looking for just one more way to wear something, even if […]


The Colors Of Spring And Forecasted Trends

Spring is finally here and it’s time to re-haul those wardrobes! That’s right, time to put away the wool coats and assess what we’re working with. Seasonal colors play a huge role in adding new life to our most favorite staple items.  Spring Color Trends I’ve already covered a few strategies of adding color to your […]

How To Wear Womens Belts How I Wear It

Nine Ways To Wear And Accessorize Belts ~ Tips & Tricks

Do you have belts you don’t wear just hanging out in your closet? If so, I’m going to give you nine tips and tricks on how to wear women’s belts. But first, my own closet confession.  This monster ball of belts was located in my closet. Okay not exactly as you see it but they were […]

HIWI Color Wheel Flower

3 Ways To Add Color To Your Wardrobe

Color most definitely affects your mood, feelings, and emotions.  This is likely why we have a favorite color or gravitate toward specific colors in our wardrobes and homes.  It’s because of how they make us look or feel.When you look into your closet, what do you see?  Are there pockets of neutrals?  Any bright colors […]

New Years Eve Party Dress Shenanigans With LP Share!

Happy New Year Everyone! If we’re not connected on Facebook you’re likely unaware of my indecision on choosing a dress to wear to a New Year’s Eve party. The only thing I had decided was that I wouldn’t be buying a new dress.  I went through my closet and even after trying on all of my choices, I still couldn’t decide. So I […]

Bandolino Tall Suede Boots

How To Properly Measure And Order Those Boots Online

Ordering boots online is an awesome way to find exactly what you’re looking for.  One of the drawbacks is the risk that they won’t fit.  A sure way to reduce the chances of that happening is to be armed and prepared. So I admit that I have been searching for a pair of gray leather riding boots […]

LP Share Features Anhk Uology By Uniq Katina Washington

How To Stand Out – Be Unique

One of the simplest ways you can change up any outfit is by adding accessories.  I’m talking bangles, necklaces, and earrings just to name a few. If you’ve worn accessories before, you already know how it can positively boost your attitude and confidence.  If you don’t wear accessories, I highly recommend you to try it and see what difference wearing them can make. Adding […]

One Dress Worn 3 Ways LP Share How I Wear It

3 Ways To Wear 1 Dress Year Round!

Have you ever had that one item you just loved to wear but felt sad when it was ‘time to put it away’? I’ve been there, yet I am always attempting to defy the wardrobe and seasonal rules that be. Take my favorite jumper dress for example.  I love the look, feel and quality of […]

Transform Your Look With A Scarf

These days, a scarf can be worn a variety of ways and not just to keep warm. Scarves have transitioned into more of a fashion statement lately and wearing them in different ways can easily transform your entire look! Let’s assess…there are neck scarves, purse scarves, and even head scarves which all have their share of […]

How I Wear It Blog LP Share Kelly Green Wool Coat

My Favorite Coat Of All Times!

I absolutely LOVE the fall season.  The scarves, the boots, and yes, the coats! Since fleeing south, away from the brisk shores of Lake Erie, I don’t really have a need for a winter coat.  As a result, I don’t own as many coats as I used to. After a few years, it was obvious I didn’t need to keep so many of […]

Boots on How I Wear It

Boot Season Is Here!

I’ll admit, although I’m always happy to see autumn arrive for this very reason, no matter the time of year, I still find ways to sneak them in.One of my favorite ways is on rainy days.  Rain boots are not just for the kiddos.  So, if I’m heading out for errands, it’s on!  You can easily throw on some tights […]

Jeans on How I Wear It

Jeans, Jeans, And More Jeans!

One thing you can’t have too many pairs of is jeans. There’s too many styles to just have one pair, yet, at one time I can remember only having and wearing one pair of jeans. My job position really didn’t allow for them outside of casual Fridays. I honestly figured if I didn’t wear them […]

Wedge Mary Jane Heels LP Share

3 Ways to Add Some Happy To Your Corporate Dresscode

Some of us have worked those types of jobs. You know, the ones requiring “professional” dress.  They have one-thousand guidelines on what you can and what you can’t wear. This limits our ability to rock those trendy items and can make expressing our style a challenge. While wearing my share of business suits and dresses, I always looked for little ways to sneak some flavor […]

Style Your Leggings, Cool Print Leggings & More!

Playing with separates!

I started with the hat, then the jacket and the rest just happened <3

There’s a ton of ways to wear leggings these days, so if you’ve never tried them you should.

Leggings have always been a favorite of mine because they’re so easy to incorporate into an outfit, complete with no ironing, and comfort as a bonus.

I was excited to see all of the cool prints coming out this season, so I jumped in to sample them myself!

One thing is for sure, you won’t fall short of excuses to wear them!




Here are just a few ways I have worn leggings.

As you can see, they make an easy transition!  I purchased these from Kohl’s.  What’s your favorite way to wear leggings?

View the HIWI Leggings gallery here.