Johanna on HIWI

Johanna Denny ~ Contributor Corner Feature!

Introducing Johanna Denny (Jo), a Guyanese entrepreneur living in Jamaica! Jo enjoys fashion, natural hair and does home improvement consultation.  She’s happy and spirited, which definitely comes across, as you will see in her style album below. I had the opportunity to interview her the other day to find out more about her style & […]

Pretti Uneek on How I Wear It

Prettiuneek ~ Boho Fashion Eclectic Handmade Jewelry

If you haven’t heard of ‘Prettiuneek Jewely’ before, where uniquely handcrafted pieces are available at incredibly affordable prices, you are in for a treat! In three words, Prettiuneek Jewelry is Bohemian, Eclectic & Modern, with extra attention to details.  These meticulous creations embody the passion of ‘Pretti Uneek’ and there are nothing but rave reviews […]

Erica Tirado ~ InVisible Signs Inc.

Erica Tirado, founder, CEO and owner of InVisible Signs Inc. clearly loves fashion and knows how to wear it. At a first glance, you might see a stylish and beautiful person on the outside, but you’d be cheating yourself to stop there. You see, as a result of her mother being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her […]

Candice Nicole Booker ~ Contributor Corner Feature!

The other day, I caught up with my Facebook friend Candice, affectionately known as @Curly_Coily_Candy on Instagram. Not only does she have gorgeous natural hair, she also has style to match! Let’s find out a little more about her now. *HIWI Style Chat* LP Share: Candice, describe your wardrobe style in a few words. Candice: […]

How I Wear It Dresses

Khalilah Jones ~ Chic & Classy Image Consulting

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have someone analyze your closet, or shop personally for you? How about a put together outfit suited just for you, for that special occasion coming up? Well if you like the sound of that so far, I have a treat for you today! Meet Khalilah (pronounced like Delilah with […]

Darya Johnson ~ Darya’s Naturals

I’d like to introduce you to Darya Johnson, Master Natural Stylist & Salon Owner of Darya’s Naturals Hair Boutique! Darya’s salon, located in Chicago, IL, services every hair care need imaginable, including color, precision cuts, natural hair, sew in extensions, twists, locs and more. Dubbed an industry trailblazer, Darya boasts a celebrity clientele and has even developed her own […]

Aliwazas ~ La Tetra Metts-Owens

Introducing La Tetra Metts-Owens, the creator and owner of She offers customized items to suit a woman’s healing, spiritual and aesthetic preferences. This includes: Arm & Leg Wear Bath and Body Charging Kits Crystals Ear Wear Honeypot Yoni Care Neck Wear Waist Wear In her own words, “At its core, Aliwaza’s caters to the emotional, physical […]

Rosiland Burch ~ Step Outside The Jewelry Box

Meet Rosiland Burch, owner and custom jewelry designer at “Step Outside The Jewelry Box!” Rosalind creates handcrafted custom and fashion jewelry & accessories, including handbags and coats. Serious about her craft, she has studied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is an award winning jewelry designer. Rosiland was chosen as the featured jewelry designer […]

Black Hair OMG! Lee Torrey

It’s been a minute since I’ve worked in corporate but one thing I could always appreciate was a man that knew how to dress professionally. That would mean a button- up, collared shirt with a tank underneath, and not forgetting a tie, yes I said it, a tie! Well, let me introduce you to Lee Torrey, […]

Uology by Uniq Look Book!

I am so super excited about doing this Look Book for Uology by Uniq! *Sponsored Post ~ All opinions are 100% my own. In this video, I am showcasing the creative work of Katina Washington, owner, creator & artist of!, and sponsor of some beautiful items, including accessories and apparel. View the Look Book now, and then read […]

Adria Robinson, A Powerful Woman In Business!

If anyone knows how to get down to business, it’s Adria Robinson, CEO & Founder of Powerful Women In Business Association, LLC. This organization is dedicated to inspiring professional women and their communities, monopolizing opportunities, as well as improving their educational, social and economic statuses. That’s quite a gig, and at the same time, Adria still finds a […]

Shawana Smith ~ Contributor Corner Feature!

Shawana is just a fun-loving, ball of energy and it comes across in her photos! Her creative natural hair styles and love for fashion is such as inspiration to others, so it was exciting when she became one of the first contributors to the blog How I Wear It. I caught up with her the other […]

Laterica Forte’ ~ Aspiring Model

Laterica Forte’ has a striking natural beauty along with the ability to showcase it through her style and everything she wears. She loves all things fashion, and enjoys it so much that she’s a model! Right in the heart of North Carolina, Laterica struts her stuff in her everyday wear and absolutely on the catwalk. She’s sharing her inspiring style here […]

Tanisha Adjo ~ Serial Entrepreneur

Tanisha Adjo is on a pathway to success, and will take multiple paths or even a detour to get there! When I asked Tanisha about her business, here’s what she had to say: “I’m a health coach who specializes in colon detox and cleansing. I educate people on how to get healthy through eating correctly so that […]

T Schneill Lovesfashion on How I Wear It!

‘T Schneill Lovesfashion’ on Facebook, puts a lot of hard work into her fitness and fashion! As a “self-proclaimed lover of fashion, with an obsession for shoes, natural hair and makeup”, to name a few, this beautiful mother of eight has got some mean curves & abs and is more than confident in showing them . T Schneill loves to […]

Sweet Maddie’s Pound Cakes ~ Nicole Evolving-One

Nicole Evolving-One should be wearing an ‘S’ on her chest…for Super Woman. She has found a way to have it all and shares how she embraces her circumstances with positivity which in turn inspires her family and everyone she meets.  Here’s what she shared with How I Wear It: Tell us a little about yourself: I am a Lover […]

Salkis Re Art ~ Salkis Re

I have a profound respect and admiration for artists. Not for one type of artist specifically, as there are unlimited genres.  Just the type of artist that boldly answers their creative calling, manifesting their visions into this physical realm. Salkis Re, is unquestionably one of those such artists.  She creates from the depths of her soul touching and perhaps healing many in an awe-inspiring way. No […]

All About You Concierge ~ Catina Carney

Many people are realizing their vision of becoming an entrepreneur. As a small business owner, there’s a lot that goes into being your own boss.  You need things for your business to thrive, even survive. Catina Carney, knowing this first hand, decided to use her passion and experience to create a business for herself and a sustainable resource […]

Love At First Bite Cupcakes And Sweet Treats ~ Tangy Leonard

Do you have a sweet tooth for treats like cupcakes, cakes and cake pops? Well I happen to know a special someone who can take those baked goodies to a whole new level for you. Meet Tangy Leonard, owner of Love At First Bite Cupcakes & Sweet Treats, serving the Cleveland, OH area. I asked […]

SweetGirl Gal Hair & Skin Care Products ~ Novella E. Lyles-Lundy

Meet Novella E. Lyles-Lundy! Not only is she a contributor to How I Wear It, she definitely has some other interesting things going on. Novella has created her own line of hair and skin care products called SweetGirl Gal, affectionately named after her belated, beloved mother. Novella will whip up custom made products for you based upon your […]

Lilly And Christian L.A.C ~ Christian Solomon Feature

I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen bracelets as cute as these! Meet the woman behind the work, Christian Solomon!  Here’s her story of how it all began! “Lilly And Christian  (L.A.C) was created in March of 2012.  In search of bracelets for an outfit that I wanted to wear, I could not find anything to […]

Ourglass Collection ~ Shatava Lindsey

Holla if you’re a curvy girl who’s had to deal with clothing not properly fitting your waist, hips and yes, your bottom!  I just hollered, because I’ve been there and it’s no fun at all. So it’s a breath of fresh air to introduce to you someone that really gets the struggle.  You see, at one point […]

Beautiful Curves – Ticka ~ Spoon Full Of Sugar

Meet Ticka, blogger of ‘Spoon Full Of Sugar’ who thoroughly enjoys styling her wardrobe.  She blogs about many things but especially highlights how she puts together her outfits. Ticka’s ‘sweet’ personality comes through her posts and photos.  Need I mention, she has some mean curves, and she’s not afraid to show it! Ticka is truly an inspiration, proving that size […]

Extreme Overflow Publishing – Yolanda Lewis

How many people do you know that can motivate and inspire you on multiple levels?  Here’s one more person to definitely add! Yolanda Lewis is President & CEO of Extreme Overflow Enterprises; a Coaching, Publishing, and Leadership Development Training firm. She is the author of five books with the latest being, Next Level Up. Mrs. […]

All Eyes On You Beauty – Dena Bruton

Introducing Dena Bruton, she is such an inspiring person!  Want to know more?  Read on! From the beginning, Dena knew she was different. When girls her age were playing with dolls, she was intrigued with magazines and the beautiful things she saw in them. Her career in hair began at the age of 12. Later […]

Walkin Hair Boutique – Dana Nock-Rivers

Meet the owner of WalkIn Hair Boutique, Dana Nock-Rivers! She is a distributor at Luxury Hair Direct so you know she loves to rock stylish hair along with her stylish clothing! Dana is on Facebook as well, so take a moment to check her out and see how she can have your hair model ready!       […]

Introducing Ms. Genae Banks!

When I tell you that some people are about their business, I mean it!This sista is multi-talented and is not afraid to show it.  Not only does she know how to thrift, she is a certified makeup artist, fashion stylist, does event planning and has a photography biz.Please take a moment to visit to see […]

Ruth African Fashion Wear on How I Wear It

African Fashion Wear! Ruth Maccarthy

I have always been drawn to African prints.  The vibrant colors  somehow convey a message, a cultural deep rooted history that goes beyond it’s design. I happened upon a blog which highlights African Fashion Wear by Ruth Maccarthy, a fashion designer, originally from Ghana, currently from Milan, Italy. I was in awe of her creations and wanted to share them with you.  […]